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Franchise Opportunity Services is a Business Consulting & Brokerage Firm based out of Bengaluru, consisting of an elite team of franchise professionals with decades of experience in Franchise & Channel Development, Consulting, Advisory and Strategy Implementation. The firm’s young and dynamic talent is abundantly equipped with varied & extensive knowledge & expertise of Franchise Industry. With immensely talented team under one roof, they have developed a value proposition unmatched by any other to offer Franchise Consulting Solutions, Brand Development Advisory, Franchise Leasing & Expansion Services to serve our clients on a constructive basis.

Franchise Opportunity Services focuses on guiding investors with a well-structured concept and investment plan curated by experienced consultants with in depth market knowledge and a tenacity to guide your business from start to finish. Investors, First Time Business Buyers, Entrepreneurs & Local Business Owners will immensely benefit from invaluable information on potential and sustainable growth by investing in a Franchise Business.‘Franchise Opportunity Services’ offers help to existing businesses to unfold into the next-level expansion strategies through Brand Development & Expansion Advisory Solutions from industry-based experienced consultants. Furthermore, the emphasis is on strengthening the business in an untapped market and driving more customers into the business.
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The 'Franchise Opportunity Services' is a business consulting firm based in Bengaluru, consisting of a team of professionals with decades of experience in franchise development and implementation efforts. The firm involves young and dynamic talents with every personality inherent with extensive knowledge and expertise in Franchise business consulting. With identical talents under one roof, we have developed a team to offer Franchise consulting solutions, brand development advisory, and franchise leasing and expansion services to serve our customers on a constructive basis.


To make entrepreneurs realize their business potentials in the untapped markets and to provide scopes for progressing to a next-level business.


To assist entrepreneurs in building strategies for expansion and growth through the dentification of unique strengths and by providing knowledge-based consulting solutions.

Our focus lies on guiding investors with well-structured investment plans and ideas, which are managed by consultants with expert market knowledge on franchise investment advisory, who would be guiding until deal closure. Besides, we provide valuable information to help investors and local business owners to understand growth potentialities on investing in a specific franchise business. ‘Franchise Opportunity Services’ company offers help to existing Franchisees to unfold into the next-level business through brand development and expansion advisory solutions from industry-based experienced consultants. Furthermore, the emphasis would be on strengthening the business in the untapped market and driving more customers into your business.







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Meet the Team

Mr. Ashissh Bhavsar

Executive Director - Franchise Opportunity Services, Strategic Consultant, Entrepreneur, Dynamic Leader, Project Operation Expert.

Mr. B. Chandrashekar

Founder & CEO - Franchise Opportunity Services, Entrepreneur, Business Advisor, Speaker, Franchise Consultant

Mr. G. P. Ravikumar

Managing Director - Franchise Opportunity Services, Business Advisor & Franchise Consultant